Bad Boys
Release: December 15, 1995

Former video director Michael Bay had his first big hit with this action comedy, which also returned producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson to the big-budget, high-violence movies that they successfully churned out in the '80s. Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are two Miami cops who watch as 100 million dollars in heroin, from the biggest drug bust of their careers, is stolen out of the basement of police headquarters. This puts them hot on the trail of French drug lord Fouchet (Tch

Mike: "Now that's how you supposed to drive! From now on that's how you drive!"
Ferguson: "Watch your fucking mouth."
Marcus: "Damn, why am I tripping on shit I know is there?"
Mike: "I don't know why you going home to your wife. You got shot in the leg, your dick probably don't even work."
Marcus: "This is bad. No, let me call it what is. This is fucked up."
Marcus: "You know I'm a better cop when I get some in the morning, I feel lighter on my feet."
Mike: "You know you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy."
Casper: "Jesus. Could you use a smaller gun? You got blood on me again."
Marcus Burnett: "I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike POW! Huh?"
Marcus Burnett: "MIKE mike please, just go down there and have a coke and a smile, please."
Mike: "My plans always work sometimes. -Mike"
Marcus: "Hey this is real cops stuff, okay, this is not Charlie's Angels...Yeah it couldn't hurt to look; they fire a goddamn bullet over here, it'll hurt won't it?? -Marcus"
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