Return From Witch Mountain
Release: March 10, 1978
Release: March 10, 1978

In this follow-up to ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) return to Earth for a vacation. However, that's cut short when egomaniacal Dr. Gannon (Christopher Lee) and his companion Letha (Bette Davis) discover Tony's powers, kidnap him, and attempt to use him to rule the world. Tia, meanwhile, finds herself running with a young gang who are consistently truant from school, and the group searches frantically for the missing Tony. Followed by the TV-movie BEYOND WITCH MOUNTAIN.

Victor: "Power has come into our hands which is centuries before its time! -Victor"
Victor: "All thinking and reasoning will be done by the voice that commands you. -Victor"
Muscles: "We don't wanna be good. We wanna be bad! -Muscles"
Letha: "I'll be around to pick up the chips with you. -Letha"
Letha: "Sure I gamble... but with my own money. -Letha"
Letha: "Now, we've made a lot of plans and I won't let you upset them! -Letha"
Victor: "Don't bother me with your plans. They're empty, they're unimportant. -Victor"
Victor: "My experiments are more important than the law, Letha. -Victor"
Victor: "Once I have control of his brain, Letha, he will only be dangerous to others. -Victor"
Dazzler: "I ain't too sure I wanna meet this Tony. -Dazzler"
Crusher: "You can't be tough if you take orders from your mom or your older sister. -Crusher"
Rocky: "You -- you callin' on the spirits? -Rocky"
Tia: "What time do the ghosts get here? -Tia"
Dazzler: "Hey, it's Yo-Yo! -Dazzler"
Crusher: "I've never heard of a guy that never belonged to a gang! -Crusher"
Crusher: "You wanna join our gang? -Crusher"
Dazzler: "We're the Earthquake Gang! -Dazzler"
Dazzler: "Here come the Golden Goons! -Dazzler"
Victor: "I need that boy, Letha. I need him desperately! -Victor"
Victor: "There are no miracles, Letha, only scientific explanations for everything. -Victor"
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