The Doors
Release: February 23, 1991
Release: February 23, 1991

This film tells the story primarily of Jim Morrison, the singer/poet leader of The Doors. They would prove to be one of the most influential rock groups of the 60's. Their songs were mainly based on Morrison's poems as lyrics and touched the social conscience of America. However, his lyrics became blacker; increasingly rambling, violent and consumed with sex and death. It didn't take long for Morrison to embrace drugs and alcohol as a means to "expand his mind" and he became unpredictable, unstable and he began to withdraw from reality. Onstage, his performances became the stuff of legend, vulgar and nonsensical at times and he began a downhill spiral in his personal life as well as popularity with the fans. The drugs and alcohol ultimately killed him at age 27. The film, directed by Oliver Stone, is a stuttering thing, perhaps mirroring Morrison's life. The descent into hard drugs, his alcohol excesses, sexual escapades and depravity are all portrayed very well. I think that Mr. Stone actually overdid some of the excesses, but perhaps it is more truthful this way. I believe that the film was well-cast and acted. Val Kilmer pulls off Morrison well and Meg Ryan does a creditable job as Pam, the long-term love interest. The musical score is, of course, mainly Doors music.

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