Doug's 1st Movie
Release: March 26, 1999

Doug and Skeeter finally discover the monster of Lucky Duck Lake, and it turns out that he's actually a nice monster. Doug and Skeeter name him Herman Melville after he tries eating a copy of "Moby Dick". After only showing Herman to the Dinks, Mrs. Dink realizes that Herman came out of the lake because Bluffco has been polluting it for years. Although Doug and Skeeter try to keep Herman a secret by making him live in Doug's room, Guy finds out about him and tells Bill Bluff. Once Bill knows, he attempts to cover the whole thing up by capturing Herman. One night when Skeeter and Doug try to let Herman free, Bill and his men capture Herman. As soon as Herman is captured, Doug and Skeeter, along with the Sleech twins, spend a day planning Herman's escape. Also, when Roger and his gang see the monster come out of the lake, he realizes that Skeeter now has a monster on his side. So Roger comes up with a plan to have a monster of his own on his side, and his plan calls for the A.V. nerds and the Sleech twins to work together to create a mechanical robot. Plus, Doug wants to take Patti to the school's upcoming Valentine's Day dance which is taking place in Funkytown, but he has to compete with Guy who is on the dance planning commitee with Patti, and also wants to take her to the dance. This movie aired with the donald duck cartoon "Donald's Dynamite: Opera Box."

Patti: "Oh, Doug! You're So Dance Planny!"
Patti and Doug: "Patti-"thanks for the Valentine Dough" Doug-"what valentine?" Patti- *gives Doug a dirty look* -Patti and Doug"
Doug: "I don't want to be like "hey I'm wearing new shoes! -Doug"
Skeeter: "No drinking out of the toilet! -Skeeter"
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