Chicken Little
Release: November 04, 2005
Release: November 04, 2005

In the small town of Oakey Oaks, a small school bird named Chicken Little brings the whole town to a frenzy when he cries out that the sky is falling and an octagonal piece hit him on the head. The townsfolk are unable to find the piece and his father, Big Cluck assumes it was just an acorn. One year later, Chicken Little is an outcast attending elementary school with his outcast friends and is on the baseball team. After Chick just barely wins the game for his team he gets hit the same "piece of the sky" from a year ago-an octagonal piece of machinery that can blend into its background, which is why Chicken was unable to find it. The piece was a piece of camouflage for a UFO which landed, also at the same time last year. Before Chicken can tell the whole town, the UFO blasts off and he is again ridiculed until the next day when the UFO lands yet again and the aliens come out! Despite the citizens of Oakley Oaks believing that an alien invasion is occurring, Chicken and his friends soon learn that the aliens are just in search of a lost child, and are searching for him with no harm meant. It is up to Chicken and his friends to prove that the aliens are real, and they mean no harm.

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