Not Quite Human
Release: January 01, 1987

Dr. Jonas Carson (Alan Thicke, "Growing Pains") creates an android, and wants to see if he can pass it off as a human being. So he quits his job, relocates and sends "teenage" android Chip (Jay Underwood, THE BOY WHO COULD FLY) to school with his daughter (Robyn Lively, TEEN WITCH). His scheme goes awry when a former employer (Joseph Bologna) realizes what Carson's made and kidnaps the robotic boy. The film, based on a series of books by Seth McEvoy, originally aired on "The Wonderful World of Disney" and was quite successful. It was followed by two films, NOT QUITE HUMAN 2, and STILL NOT QUITE HUMAN.

Chip Carson: "Heavenly, awesomely radical, dude! -Chip Carson"
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