Tango & Cash
Release: December 22, 1989

Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabriel Cash (Russell) are the two top cops in the Los Angeles narcotics division. Tango is a straight edge smooth talking businessman type, while Cash is a sloppy bachelor with a nothing to lose attitude. Between the two they have seized millions of dollars in drugs and weapons from crime lord Yves Perret (palance). But when the two top cops are framed for murdering a federal agent and sentenced to a maximum security prison with all the low life criminals they help put in there, All hell is about to brake lose. Tango and Cash are forced to join forces to escape the prison and try to clear there name's. With help from Tango's little sister Katherine (Teri Hatcher) and only a hand full of trusted friends between the both of them, they set there sights on Yves Perret and every one who help set them up.

Ray: "Rambo is a pussy."
Cash: "Mr. Tango speaks so eloquently. I wish I could be as forgiving, but I can't. Because this whole thing.... F***** SUCKS!!!!!!"
Tango: "Oh s***, it's Conan."
Cash: "We're going to get FUBAR now."
Tango: "What the hell is FUBAR?"
Cash: "You'll see."
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