Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even
Release: May 08, 1992
Release: May 08, 1992

The movie revolves around Laura whose family is somewhat disfunctional. Laura gains new step parents and step brothers and sisters. But one summer at the lake reunites everyone in a somewhat comedic way.

David: "Jessie what do you say when people ask if you love your daddy?"
Jessie: "Damn Straight!"
Josh: "You can't run away from these people. In five years...they'll be your family. In ten years...they'll be your family. -Josh"
Laura Chartoff: "Did you know it's estimated that by the year 2000, one out of every three people will be a member of my family? -Laura Chartoff"
Stephanie: "Respect! I wrote a haiku about respect. And the moon! -Stephanie"
Laura Chartoff: "Fine! I quit this family. I hope you choke on poi! I hope your leis shrivel up and die! I hope Don Ho's show REALLY SUCKS! -Laura Chartoff"
Laura Chartoff: "Why torture yourself when life will do it for you. Who said that? I did! Go ahead and quote me. -Laura Chartoff"
Laura Chartoff: "If these are the best years of my life, I must have some serious third degree burns in my future -Laura Chartoff"
Laura Chartoff: "The problem with my dad is that he's 40, looks like he's 30, talks like he's 20, and acts like he's 10. He's fun to play board games with. -Laura Chartoff"
Laura Chartoff: "Is philosophy biodegradable? -Laura Chartoff"
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