Caught Up
Release: January 01, 1998
Release: January 01, 1998

Darin Scott made his directorial debut with this neo-noir crime drama set in South Central L.A. and featuring Cynda Williams in a dual role. Back in L.A. after serving time on drug charges, Daryl Allen (Bokeem Woodbine), who narrates, plans to open a nightclub, and a pal offers to bankroll the business. Daryl drives his buddy to the bank, unaware he's taking part in a robbery. He's sent back to the slammer for a long stretch, and during that period his girlfriend (Cynda Williams) marries. Released after five years, Daryl is unemployed when he meets Vanessa Dietrich (Williams), who gets him work as a limo driver. Vanessa and Daryl are targets of a hitman, and Vanessa tells Daryl she suspects her ex-lover Ahmad (Basil Wallace). What Daryl doesn't know about Ahmad and Vanessa may turn out to be his undoing. — Bhob Stewart Bokeem Woodbine - Daryl Allen Cynda Williams - Vanessa Dietrich / Trish Joseph Lindsey - Billy Grimm Clifton Powell - Herbert / Frank Lowden Basil Wallace - Ahmad Tony Todd - Jake LL Cool J - Roger Snoop Dogg - Kool Kitty Kat Damon Saleem - Trip Shedric Hunter, Jr. - Jerome Jeffrey Combs - Security Guard

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