Oliver & Company
Release: November 13, 1988

Oliver is befriended by Dodger, the mischievous little kitten is welcomed by Dodger's pack of dogs, the dogs run into trouble when the evil mastermind Sykes schemes to kidnap a girl, it's up to the brave kitten and his friends to race to the rescue in an electrifying chase through New York City's subway system.

Einstein: "(after getting a concussion) Go on, Sparky. Find Bumper!"
Georgette: "I love you Oliver! Play with Georgette!" I'd like to play with him alright... the little furball..."
Georgette: "WINSTON! Bark! Bark! Bark!"
Tito (Oliver falls through the roof): "GANG WAR! GANG WAR! WE'RE HAVING A GANG WAR -Tito (Oliver falls through the roof)"
Eistien (Dizzy): "Run Squaky... Go find Thumper... -Eistien (Dizzy)"
Francis the Bulldog: "The name is Francis...Fran - Cis...not Frank, not Frankie...FRANCIS! -Francis the Bulldog"
Tito the Chihuahua: "(lying on a pillow and smoking a stogie) Man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall! -Tito the Chihuahua"
Fagin and Sikes: "Fagin - How long, Sikes? Sikes - Three sunrises...three sunsets...THREE DAYS, Fagin. Fagin - Uh...uh...let's see...three, three, three...that's nine. Nine? Sikes - No, Fagin...three... -Fagin and Sikes"
Oliver: "Hey, wait! I helped you get those sausages! Half of those are mine! -Oliver"
Rita: "Run along, Roscoe. Your master's calling. -Rita"
DeSoto: "I like cats...I like to eat 'em -DeSoto"
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