The Great Mouse Detective
Release: July 02, 1986
Release: July 02, 1986

In the year 1897, a day before the Queen's diamond jubilee, a kidnapping occurred. Olivia Flaversham's father, Hiram, was taken away by a peg-legged bat. Olivia then seeks the help of Basil of Baker Street, the Greatest Detective of all Mousedom. With the help of Dr. David Q. Dawson, Basil attempts to close this case and succeed in defeating his greatest enemy, Professor Ratigan. Unfortunately, Ratigan has a plan to take over the monarchy and destroy Basil in the process. If you want to know more, you will simply have to watch the movie for yourself! :)

Ratigan: "I AM NOT A RAT!"
Fidget: "Here ya go sweetheart!"
Fidget: "Here You Are, Sweetheart."
The Mouse Queen: "Have You... Been With Us... Long?"
Fidget: "I'm Going! I'm Going! I'm Going!"
Hiram Flaversham: "You Can Do What You Want With Me. I Won't Be A Part Of This-This... This Evil Any Longer!"
Professor Ratigan: "Oh, Very Well, If That Is Your Decision."
Basil: "Ratigan, So Help Me, I'll See You Behind Bars Yet!"
Professor Ratigan: "Oh, I Love It When I'm Nasty."
Professor Ratigan: "Bright And Alert As Always. Here's The List. You Know What To Do And No Mistakes!"
Basil: " -menical laughter- THATS IT! We'll se the trap off now!"
Basil: "Elementary my dear Dawson"
Ratigan: "My dear Bartholomew, I'm afraid you've gone and upset me, you know what happens when someone upsets me."
Ratigan: "[reading a list of newly devised laws] Item 96"
Ratigan and Basil: "Ratigan: I've won! Basil: On the contrary the game's not over yet (rings small bell then the big ben bell goes off when there's a new hour) -Ratigan and Basil"
Ratigan: "Slap!...Boom!...Twang!...Dunk!...SPLAT! -Ratigan"
Dawson Ratigan: "'You fiend!' 'Sorry, chubby. You should have chosen your friends more carefully.' -Dawson Ratigan"
Robot Queen Ratigan Basil: "'No depravity you wouldn't commit. You, professor, are none other than a foul stenchus rodentus, commonly known as a...' 'Don't say it!' 'Sewer rat!' -Robot Queen Ratigan Basil"
Basil: "There's no evil scheme he wouldn't concoct! No depravity he wouldn't commit. -Basil"
Fidget: "[Olivia stomps his toes] Ow! My foot! My only foot! -Fidget"
Basil: "Dawson watch out!! (Dawson) OH COMFOUND IT!! -Basil"
Basil: "Ms. Flanchester (Dawson and Olivia) FLAVESHAM! (Basil) Whatever. -Basil"
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