Blue Streak
Release: September 17, 1999

Can a crook go straight without really trying? Jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) was being chased by the police after a robbery when he was forced to hide a cache of diamonds, worth $20 million, at a construction site. Despite his caution, Miles ended up behind bars anyway; after serving his time, he goes back to retrieve the stones only to discover what was being built: a police station. Miles needs to spend some time at the station to figure out what happened to his nest egg, so he sneaks in, posing as a police detective. Trouble is, he's so convincing that the cops assign him a rookie partner, Carlson (Luke Wilson), to put through training. To his surprise, Miles turns out to be a good cop, and the more he tries to find the missing diamonds, the higher he's promoted through the department, until he finds himself in line for a top spot in the detective's division. Supporting Lawrence and Wilson in Blue Streak are Dave Chappelle, William Forsythe, and Nicole Parker.

Logan: "I can smell the cold cuts seeping through your pores"
Miles Logan: "Bring your weeble-wobble a** over here. You like snacks?"
Man: "Yes sir. Nothing makes me happier."
Miles Logan: "Well you are going to be snackin' down the bottom of my shoe if this s*** happens again."
Logan and Carlson: "Logan: I'm a federali. Tengo un gato en los pantelones! Carlson: I think your spanish is a little rusty you just said you have a big cat in your pants! -Logan and Carlson"
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