The Blair Witch Project
Release: January 25, 1999

Combining Hi-8 video with black and white 16mm film, this film presents a raw look at what can happen when college students forego common sense and enter the world of voodoo and witchcraft. Presented as a straight-forward documentary, the film opens with an explanation that in 1994, three students went into the Maryland backwoods to do a film project on the Blair Witch incidents... and they never came back. However, they recovered the footage found in the woods a year later. It documents their adventures leading up to their final minutes. The Blair Witch incident, as we initially learn from the local town elders, is an old legend about a group of witches who tortured and killed several children many years ago. Everyone in town knows the story and they're all sketchy on the details. Out in the woods and away from their parked car (and civilization), what starts as a school exercise turns into a nightmare when the three kids lose their map. Forced to spend extra days finding their way out, the kids then start to hear horrific sounds outside their tents in the pitch-black middle of night. They also find strange artifacts from (what can only be) the Blair Witch, still living in the woods. Frightened, they desperately try to find their way out of the woods, with no luck. Slowly these students start to unravel, worried that people will not realize they are missing and knowing they have no way of getting out, no food, and it's getting cold. Each night they are confronted with shrieking and sounds so haunting that they are convinced someone is following them, and they quickly begin to fear for their lives. Premiered in the Midnight Movie Section at Sundance Film Festival '99, the film was Written & Directed by Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez.

That girl: "hold camera up to face* im really scared right now -That girl"
that one girl: "NO NOT THE CORNER! NOT THE CORNER!!!!!! -that one girl"
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