Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
Release: March 22, 1991
Release: March 22, 1991

The Turtles find out where the ooze, the substance which mutated them fifteen years ago came from. Unfortunately, Shredder learns about it and uses it to enhance himself and two new mutants, Tokka & Rahzar. So the Turtles have to prove again who's the better ninja fighter and save New York once again.

Michelangelo: "Combat coldcuts! Whaaa!!!"
Shredder: "They are stupid!"
Scientist: "They're not stupid, they're infants"
Razhar: "Bang!*hits Tonka with metal bar*"
Tonka: "OW!"
Scientist: "Okay, they're stupid infants."
Shredder: "They are stupid!"
TGRI Scientist: "They're not stupid, they're infants."
Razhar: "Bang*hits Tonka with metal bar*"
Tonka: "OW!"
TGRI Scientist: "Okay, they're stupid infants."
Shredder: "*storms out after viewing Tokka and Rahzar* Babies!!! They're BABIES!!! argh!!!"
Michelangelo: "KUNG FU COLD CUTS!"
april: "the rat is the cleaniest one -april"
Michaelanglo: "Woah, spookular! -Michaelanglo"
Tatsu: "[Angry Grunting] Our father gone! Hyah! (kicks over a table) They will pay! Hyah! (chops a board) I, Tatsu, now lead! Let any who challenge... step forward. (Shredder comes in) I challenge! -Tatsu"
Turtles: "Leo: Im Leonardo. Mikey: Im Michalangelo. Don: Donatello. Raph: Im Raphael. Mikey: Yeah All the good ones end in O. (laughs) (Raph insulted) -Turtles"
donatello: "kukamunga, Hmm, parastrika, Oh wate, farazhaka, (Leo: Don, give it up) -donatello"
mikey: "let us take part in the acaent trodition of the pre fight doughnut -mikey"
foot test cordinator: "You have 15 seconds to remove as amny bells as you can, one sound you fail, oh by the way, we work in concelment. 15 seconds, Go -foot test cordinator"
Donatello and Michaelangelo: "Hey look! It's Raph! Yeah, a little too Raph. -Donatello and Michaelangelo"
The Turtles: "You take the ugly one. No, you take the ugly one! Which one's the ugly one!? -The Turtles"
raphael to leonardo: "ohhhh! so that's the plan from our great leader! -raphael to leonardo"
Rapheal: "I tought I just saw a gost! -Rapheal"
Michaelanglo: "It's party time boys." -Michaelanglo"
Michaelangelo: "Didn't we see these guys on wrestlemania? -Michaelangelo"
Donatello: "(Pushing dummy in store): "Yeah... Y-YEAH!!!) -Donatello"
Splinter: "Ten flips now! And remember 'Go, ninja! Go, ninja, go!' I made another funny! *laughs*. -Splinter"
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