Fritz The Cat
Release: April 12, 1972
Release: April 12, 1972

Mavrick writer/director Ralph Bakshi made his feature-length film debut created the first rated X cartoon ever it's the age of awakening and fritz one way-cool cat and NYU student loves to embrace every experimental experience that crosses his path embarking on a fantastic journey of self-discovery he indulges in everything from bedroom follies to a wild joy ride through a dangerous harlem but when fritz join's a group of radically aggressive hippies he finds himself holding the dynamite that will detonate the ultimate 60's statement... one that could cost his life!

Fritz: "Farout.."
Pig Cop #1: "Do you want to see a picture of my kids? -Pig Cop #1"
Fritz: "Mother of god I'm a fu*#ing fugitive! -Fritz"
Pig cop#1: "Listen Ralph you got the deeper voice now I want you yell open the fucking door now say the word fucking because that makes you sound tough. -Pig cop#1"
fritz: "Har har har the guy's a riot. -fritz"
fritz: "Sheesh what a mob in the park today. -fritz"
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