Slam Dunk Ernest
Release: June 20, 1995
Release: June 20, 1995

Poor Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney). All he wants is to be a real basketball player on the amateur team with all the other janitors from his workplace. Unfortunately, they have all told him over and over that white guys like him just can't jump. That turns out to be true until he receives divine assistance from a friendly angel (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) who gives Ernest a pair of magical shoes. In no time, he is jumping and shooting with the best of them. The trouble starts when his b-ball antics attract the attention of a wicked promoter who wants the lovable rube to sign a lifetime contract. More problems ensue when the son of the team's real star (the one who worked, long and hard to perfect his game) begins idolizing Ernest. Like other entries in the long-running series, Slam Dunk Ernest is filled with cornball humor, slapstick comedy and just a smidgen of pathos.

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