How the Toys Saved Christmas
Release: December 05, 1996

Enchanted toys come to life to do battle with a holiday-hating villain who is bent on stopping Christmas.

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Mr. Potter: "[finds the toy general soldier buried in the snow] This is exactly the soldier that little Johnny wanted. Why he's a perfect Christmas present. You know I really think there is a Santa."
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Rocko the Burgler: "I'm going home."
Smithy the Burgler: "You're not going anywhere."
Rocko the Burgler: "Says who?"
Smithy the Burgler: "Says me! [he grabs Rocko by the shirt and shakes him angrily]"
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Santa: "[Last lines before the ending song; Narrates] Very special, indeed! And they went on to bring happiness to children for years to come! Ho, ho, ho, ho!"
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Santa: "[Over the opening credits] Ah, yes. The good Christmas witch Granny Rose, one of my very best helpers. But one Christmas Eve, Granny Rose had such a bad cold that I worried Christmas wouldn't come to her little town. That year, even I learned a surprising lesson about friendship and the magic that makes dreams come true. [Over the opening title] Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho."
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Santa: "[First lines; Narration] All around the world, no matter where you live, there's one very special night of the year - Christmas Eve, when I deliver the gifts my elves have been making to all the good children around the world. Ho, ho, that's a lot of toys. Have you ever wondered how i circle the globe in a single night? The truth is I get a little help from some very special friends. But sometimes, even their help isn't enough. Sometimes I need a little... Christmas magic."
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