High Heels and Low Lifes
Release: January 01, 2001
Release: January 01, 2001

In this broad comedy from sometime comic actor Mel Smith, two women find themselves fleeing criminals. Minnie Driver stars as Shannon, a London nurse who finds her boyfriend Ray, a "sound sculptor", becoming increasingly dull and inattentive. When he forgets her birthday, she decides to hit the town with best pal Frances, an American actress wasting her time in a terrible small-theater production. Returning to Shannon's apartment, the girls overhear a cell phone conversation on Ray's scanner chronicling the ten million dollars stolen from a safe-deposit box. When the police are uninterested in their information, the girls get an idea to blackmail the robbers to get a share. The criminals, led by the hard-as-nails Mason, counteract with their own scheme, and the caper begins to go wildly out of control. Similarly plotted to the 2001 release "Beautiful Creatures", but much lighter in tone than that dark suspense thriller, the film co-stars Michael Gambon, Danny Dyer, and Mark Williams.

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