Release: August 20, 1975
Release: August 20, 1975

A VERY controversial film by Ralph Bakshi ( Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic), that is a violent , sexual retelling of Uncle Remus and the Brer Rabbit stories. The film stars Phillip Micheal Thomas, Scatman Crothers, and Barry White, and begins as Philip Micheal Thomas Character is locked up in jail with Scatman Crother's Character, awaiting to be set free by Barry White's Character. While waiting for the jail break, Crother's tells Thomas a tale about Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and Brer fox, who move from the South to the North, and gets involved with the mafia, phony preachers, black revolutionarys, pimps, and racist cops.

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The Godfather: "Nobody move. We are in a lot of trouble."
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Brother Bear: "Preacher, why don't you shut up?"
Preacher Fox: "'Cause I have an electric mouth!"
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Pappy: "I got the devil in me, but it's the man you see."
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Clown: "Those queer sons of a bitches!"
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Preacher Fox: "[Talking to a gravestone] Ben, now don't you go believin' that I'm shaky! I still got it Ben! I don't lie to you, or God. I still take care of Rabbit and Bear you know! [picks up gravestone and begins to carry it with him] An' I don't want you or Mama to worry none 'cause ol' Fox here he doesn't gonna..."
Brother Bear: "[annoyed] Stop it, Fox, stop it!"
Preacher Fox: "I'm gonna be puttin' you back now, Ben! [replaces gravestone] Don't you worry 'bout a thing!"
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Randy: "[waiting for Sampson and the Preacherman; getting impatient] Damn, they ain't showed yet. I'm going to have to get out of here on my own."
Pappy: "Sit down, boy. Don't you leave this wall. They'll pick your ass up, sure as shit! And I ain't never seen nobody that they picked up come back walking, talking, laughing, or breathing!"
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Pappy: "[narration] It was a tar rabbit, baby!"
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Sonny: "Shut your stupid mouth!"
Anna Banana: "[effeminate voice] Don't you dare strike me, or I'll tell poppa!"
Sonny: "Don't start it! If I told poppa what you were doing, he'd break both your arms and legs!"
Anna Banana: "[effeminate] So, what's wrong with me taking a little kick-back once in a while on my own?"
Sonny: "[speaks Italian] Money, stupid! We take money, NOT BLOW JOBS!"
Anna Banana: "You do?"
Sonny: "The Mafia takes MONEY! Remember us? We're the Mafia!"
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Brother Rabbit: "I'm tired of trying to segregate, integrate, and masturbate anymore!"
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Doorman: "This here's where Simple Savior runs his black revolution, brother. Natural black Jesus is the reverend's cousin, too. He gives people the strength to kill whites."
Brother Bear: "Kill whites? [to Preacher Fox] You hear that shit? [to Doorman] Any whites?"
Doorman: "Yeah, any whites."
Brother Bear: "Ain't this a bitch?"
Preacher Fox: "Anyone we want?"
Brother Bear: "Ain't this a bitch!"
Preacher Fox: "Huh. We can kill anyone we want?"
Doorman: "Any whites."
Preacher Fox: "I have one special..."
Brother Bear: "[Grabs Fox and pulls him to the side] Stop it, Fox. Stop it."
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Pappy: "Ah'm the minstrel man, cleaning man, pole man, shoeshine man. Ah'm a nigga man - watch me dance!"
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Man in Blue: "[first lines] Fuck you."
Man in Yellow: "Alright, I'm gonna give some example: I heard that 350 white folks committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. And out of the 350, there was two that was niggers."
Man in Blue: "And one of them was pushed."
Man in Yellow: "[laughs]"
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