Release: December 14, 1984
Release: December 14, 1984

In the near future, Sgt. Jack R. Ramsay (Tom Selleck) is a professional in the flied of robotics for the local police department after giving up a life of working on the street due to his fear of heights. He is considered the best in flied but he considers the job pretty simple with very little problems. He also gets a new partner, Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes), and he reasures her the job is pretty low key. Then a string of robot themed murders begin. After dissecting the robot they discover that the robot was given implants that designed it to kill and even worse it could be mass produced. As they delves deeper into the case Ramsay finds this to be the work of Dr. Charles Luther (Gene Simmons) who has also invented Robotic Spider assassins and a hand held weapon that shoot heat seeking missile. Luther also plans on taking his products to the black market. It's up to Ramsay to stop Luther before it's too late.

Ramsay: "He's killed six people. I want him."
Chief: "I'm sure you do. But how are you going to find him?"
Ramsay: "We have his girlfriend."
Chief: "Whooptie do. You think this guy is interested in a piece of ass?"
Ramsay: "She's all we got."
Chief: "And she leads nowhere."
Luther: "That wasn't very nice, Ramsay!"
Ramsay: "Congratulations, guys, you just staked out a roll of toilet paper."
Luther: "Drop it, sucker!"
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