Generation X
Release: December 20, 1996
Release: December 20, 1996

Students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters battle a mad scientist (Matt Frewer), who's discovered a way to travel into other people's dreams, in this made-for-TV spin-off of the popular X-Men comics. The film served as the pilot for a TV series, but it debuted before the late '90s superhero craze to miniscule ratings. Many fans of the comic book were disappointed with this adaption -- in particular, the fact that Jubilation Lee (Heather McComb) was not Asian, as she had been in print.

Sean Cassidy: "You know, for an over-sexed mind-witch you really are a tightass. -Sean Cassidy"
Angelo: "Okay man, looks like Schwarzenegger don't gotta worry 'bout you. -Angelo"
Jubilation Lee: "What am I supposed to say? 'Hey, Mom, I think I'm a mutant, but don't worry, now I'll study harder.' -Jubilation Lee"
Emma Frost: "Wake up lover. I'm even better in real life. -Emma Frost"
Emma Frost: "If I invaded your mind, you'd never wake up. -Emma Frost"
Mondo: "No one's touching my butt! -Mondo"
Mondo: "I can become as solid as anything I touch, man. Wood, rock, steel, it's all good! -Mondo"
Kurt Pastorius: "You know, having stretchy skin ain't the kinda thing that's gonna make you a star around here. -Kurt Pastorius"
Mondo: "You know I don't like Jello. -Mondo"
Emma Frost: "Oh, why don't you wax your chest hair? -Emma Frost"
Russel Trask: "I'm giving you genius and you're giving me jock itch! -Russel Trask"
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