Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
Release: January 28, 1975
Release: January 28, 1975

Linus has grown very fond of his teacher Mrs. Othmar. To prove his point, he buys her a heart-shaped box of chocolates, despite Violet's warning that falling in love with a teacher is not a smart idea. He also has to deal with Sally thinking the box is for her. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown, upset that he did not get any valentines at the annual Valentine's Day party, asks what love is truly about.

Linus: "The amount of money you spend on a person should be directly proportionate to the amount of affection you have for them."
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Lucy: "What are you doing, Charlie Brown?"
Charlie Brown: "I'm waiting for Valentines"
Lucy: "Good luck. You're going to need it!"
Charlie Brown: "You didn't need to say that!"
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