Lean on Me
Release: March 03, 1989

When a school in Paterson, New Jersey has a less than average basic skills test scores, it faces the possibility of being taken over by the state. So the mayor asks the school superintendent for help, he suggests that they appoint the controversial Joe Clark as the school principal. Clark begrudgingly agrees. And when he arrives, he shakes things up by reassigning teachers and calling all of them incompetent. And it isn't long that a lot of people want him out but at the same time, he gains the respect of some of the teachers and the students.

Joe Clark: "These people have been here up to five years and done absolutely nothing. These people are drug dealers and drug users. They have taken up space, harassed your teachers, and intimidated you. But times are about to change. You will no longer be bothered in Joe Clark's school."
Kaneesha: "Yeah."
Joe Clark: "These people are incorrigible. Since none of them could graduate anyway, you are all expurgated."
Sams: "Yo! Bitch! Vote on this!"
Joe Clark: "You smoke crack, don't you? You smoke crack, don't you? You know what crack does, son? It kills your brain cells, son. It kills your brain! -Joe Clark"
Students of Eastside High: "...FREE MR. CLARK! FREE MR. CLARK! FREE MR. CLARK!... -Students of Eastside High"
Dr. Napier: "You life hasn't made one bit of difference, and neither has mine! You want to take that to the grave? -Dr. Napier"
Leona Barrett: "My job's going to be easy. You're not so popular these days, aren't you? -Leona Barrett"
Joe Clark: "Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm. -Joe Clark"
Joe Clark: "The Lord said, do whatever you have to do. And he didn't say "Joe, be polite." -Joe Clark"
Joe Clark: "There's only one boss around here, and that's me. The HNIC. -Joe Clark"
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