Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
Release: May 01, 1989

Originally Released In Japan On 7/15/1989.

Goku: "Kami, stay here and don't move!"
Kami: "Good luck, Goku."
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Garlic, Jr.: "You better give up, you can't win!"
Piccolo: "I can't believe how powerful he is."
Goku: "Yeah, we better keep our guard up."
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Goku: "Chi-Chi, what on earth happened?"
Chi-Chi: "Goku, I'm sorry. They came and kidnapped Gohan."
Goku: "Gohan? Who kidnapped him?"
Chi-Chi: "I don't know. They said they were after the dragonball."
Goku: "Dragonball? Where'd they go? Where?"
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Narrator: "Thanks to Goku and the others, Garlic, Jr.'s dark ambitions were never realized, and the world was saved. Goku, thought about telling his wife Chi-Chi that the world was saved by their son Gohan wasn't sure if he should revealed what actually happened just yet."
Goku: "*thinking* Chi-Chi would never believe it. But, I think I'll tell her when Gohan gets a little older."
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Sancho: "You're mine!"
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Master Roshi: "Goku, those villains are tough! Remember what happened to Chi-Chi and the Ox King!"
Goku: "I will!"
Bulma: "Goku, be careful!"
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Goku: "Ka..Me..Ha..Me..HAA!!!"
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Piccolo: "You're gonna pay for what you did to me."
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Goku: "I didn't come here to hear your life story. Where's Gohan?!"
Nikki: "Don't worry about the kid, he's still sleeping!"
Goku: "Huh? Is he inside there? *leaps to run inside the lair*"
Ginger: "Stop him before he gets too far!"
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Garlic, Jr.: "They haven't beaten me, I can't die! I've been given immortality!"
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Goku: "Gohan!"
Gohan: "Oh, Daddy! I knew you'd come to rescue me!"
Goku: "Huh? Don't you remember anything?"
Gohan: "I remember that my dad's the strongest fighter in the whole world!"
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Garlic, Jr.: "I told you, I WILL NEVER DIE!"
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Piccolo: "Goku, this time I'm gonna finish you off for good!"
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Krillin: "Kami, what happened to Garlic, Jr.?"
Kami: "I can assure you now, he wishes he wasn't granted eternal life. How strange Garlic, Jr. has suffered the same fate that his father did."
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Ginger: "You must be Goku!"
Goku: "That right! You're the ones who let Chi-Chi and the Ox King crying in pain!"
Ginger: "Soon you'll be crying in pain!"
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Garlic, Jr.: "That is no ordinary kid, it's just as I thought."
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Goku: "Let's go!!!"
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