The Three Musketeers
Release: November 12, 1993
Release: November 12, 1993

This comedy-adventure is one of several adaptations of Alexadre Dumas' (pere) classic novel. Provincial swordsman D'Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell) travels to Paris to follow in his father's footsteps and become a king's guard, a musketeer. Meanwhile, the evil royal advisor Cardinal Richelieu (Tim Curry), with the help of one-eyed Captain Rochefort (Michael Wincott), has disbanded the King's bodyguards in his devious attempt to usurp the power of the King (Hugh O'Conor) and rule France. Three of the musketeers, Athos (Kiefer Sutherland), Porthos (Oliver Platt), and Aramis (Charlie Sheen), escape and partner with D'Artagnan in an attempt to thwart the Cardinal and his minions, who also include the duplicitous Milady de Winter (Rebecca DeMornay).

Porthos, D'Artagnan: "Random Villian: It's Porthos the Pirate! AAAAH! [Villans jump overboard] D'Artagnan: Pirate? Porthos: I told you I was famous. -Porthos, D'Artagnan"
Porthos and Athos: "Porthos: Champagne? Athos: We're in the middle of a chase, Porthos. Porthos: You're right - something red. -Porthos and Athos"
Porthos: "AH-HA! The Cardinal's sacred snack chamber! -Porthos"
Porthos: "This axe was a gift to me by the Czarina of Tokyo! -Porthos"
Porthos: "Little me behind the Luxemburg at 1:00, and bring a LONG wooden box. -Porthos"
Porthos and D'Artagnan: "Porthos: Don't tell me you've never heard of me... D'Artagnan: Who? The world's biggest windbag? -Porthos and D'Artagnan"
Porthos: "This sash was a gift to me by the Queen of America! -Porthos"
Porthos: "Go home; find a wench. Raise fat babies, and live a good, long life. -Porthos"
Porthos and Athos: "Porthos: Athos, you cannot fight this boy. Athos: Why not? Porthos: Because I'm fighting him! -Porthos and Athos"
Girard and D'Artagnan: "Girard: My brothers will avenge me... D'Artagnan: (sees men coming over hill on horses) Already?! -Girard and D'Artagnan"
Cardinal Richelieu: "All for one...and more for me! -Cardinal Richelieu"
Aramis: "Is he a man of God or a man of gold? -Aramis"
Girard: "D'Artagnan! Don't lose your head! -Girard"
Aramis: "Ah...hello again, Cyclops... -Aramis"
Richelieu and Lady DeWinter: "Richelieu: Let me warn you that with a snap of my fingers, I can send you back to the block where I found you! DeWinter: (knife pointed at cardinal's "manhood") And with a flick of my wrist...I could change your religion. -Richelieu and Lady DeWinter"
Lady DeWinter: "I don't believe you suffer the burden of chastity. -Lady DeWinter"
Porthos: "Rochefort...isn't that a smelly kind of a cheese? -Porthos"
Porthos: "You, boy...are selfish, pig-headed, and arrogant...I like reminds me of me! -Porthos"
Aramis: "Oh, thank broke my fall perfectly. -Aramis"
Porthos: "Gaw, I love my work! -Porthos"
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