Black Christmas
Release: October 11, 1974

(AKA: Silent Night, Evil Night & Stranger in the House) Bob Clark how would later direct "A Christmas Story" the firt two "Porky's" movies & "Sherlock Holmes: Murder by Decree". Directs this horror/thriller, which stars Margot Kidder (in one of her first roles) and Olivia Hussey. The storyline concerns a group of girls living at a sorority house around the holiday season who begin receiving threatening phone calls, and are eventually dispatched, one by one by an unseen killer! Coincidently, a little girl is discovered murdered in the town park. Could there be any connection? The film opens at night with a small party occurring in a sorority house for a private school. We are introduced to all of the girls in the sorority house, the main ones being Jess, the heroine of the film, Barb, a drunken loud mouth, and Phyllis, Jess' friend and the peace keeper of the group. The girls have been receiving mysterious phonecalls from someone they call "The Moaner". The calls start out sexual in nature, but they gradually grow more macabre, with the man on the other end saying strange things in different voices. The shyest sorority girl, Claire, goes upstairs to pack, and when she goes into the closet, the killer dives out and wraps a plastic bag around her head. He then drags her into the attic, and puts her in a rocking chair. The next day, Claire's father comes to pick her up, but nobody knows where she is. It becomes a mystery as the police search for the missing Claire. Meanwhile, Mrs. Mac, the house mother, stumbles upon the killer and gets a crane hook in the face. Meanwhile, Jess admits to her boyfriend Peter that she is pregnant, but she's having an abortion. He begins to act strange, and shows off some anger problems. As Barb and Phyl are murdered by the killer, Jess gets another call. The police trace the call and realize that the calls are coming from in the house. Instead of going out, Jess goes upstairs and is attacked by the killer. She manages to escape and heads to the basement. There she runs into Peter, who she now falsely believes is the killer. He approaches her to talk, but Jess hits him over the head and kills him. The police feel the case is closed, and leave the house, leaving Jess alone to sleep off the excitement. Then as the camera shows the house we get to see the attic one last time and see two dead bodies. We hear a man say, "Agnes, it's me, Billy." As the credits begin to roll, we hear the phone ring more than once again. Originally neglected at the time of its release, "Black Christmas" proves to be a very creative and clever film that was probably the inspiration to John Carpenter's, "Halloween", which came a couple years later. Today, it is hailed a classic!

The Killer: "Filthy Billy, I know what you did nasty Billy!"
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