Donkey Kong Country: Legend of the Crystal Coconut
Release: November 09, 1999
Release: November 09, 1999

A "movie" compilation of four Season 1 episodes of 'Donkey Kong Country', spliced and edited into a feature-length format for home video. Includes: "The Legend of the Crystal Coconut" (1.17 [8/21/97]), "Bug-a-Boogie" (1.20 [9/18/97]), "Ape-Nesia" (1.23 [12/1/97]) and "Booty and the Beast" (1.3 [9/13/98]).

Diddy Kong: "What a couple of goofus doofuses"
Krusha: "What pirates?"
K.Rool: "That one. And those ones."
Scurvy: "What's next?"
DK: "Uh...your tooth?"
Scurvy: "Oh yeah...ow!!"
Cranky: "I thought you'd go somewhere where the pirates would never think of."
Cranky: "It's a mystery while I'm still talking to you two!"
Cranky: "It beats the bananas out of me."
Cranky and DK: "C.K: It is located in the Well of Woes. D.K: WHOA! -Cranky and DK"
InkaDinka Doo: "Inka Dinka doo: To know everything you must give up every thing. -InkaDinka Doo"
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