The Forbidden Dance
Release: January 01, 1990
Release: January 01, 1990

Nisa (Laura Harring) is the princess of a Brazilian tribe who comes to Los Angeles to stop an American corporation from destroying her rainforest home. With her is tribal shaman Joa (Sid Haig), who uses black magic to get past the company guards and see the chairman of the corporation, resulting in his arrest. Left to fend for herself in L.A alone, Nisa, with the help of Carmen (Angela Moya), finds work in a Beverly Hills mansion as the servant of an a uptight couple whose son, Jason (Jeff James), lives only to dance. After spying on Nisa as she dances provocatively in her bedroom, Jason takes her out to a club. She is rejected by Jason's friends, and he is berated by his parents for dating the help. Nisa runs away and gets a job at Xtasy, a sleazy dance joint/brothel, as a dance partner for male customers. Jason visits the club with his friends, but Nisa rebuffs him. He becomes morose, turns away from his buddies and girlfriend Ashley (Barbra Brighton) and returns to Xtasy to try to take Nisa out of the place. A bouncer beats up the would-be rescuer and prepares to deflower Nisa, but fortunately Joa walks in and magically stuns the attacker, which clears the place. Will Nisa make it back in time to save her rainforest?

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