Where The Boys Are '84
Release: January 01, 1984

Jennie (Lisa Hartman), Carole (Lorna Luft), Sandra (Wendy Schaal) and Laurie (Lynn-Holly Johnson) are all headed for Spring Break in Miami. Romance and partying ensue.

Scott: "(To Jennie before they drive off) "Hi, I'm Scott Nash. I'm headed for Penmore. There's a beautiful girl I'm crazy about". (He hops in and they all drive off)"
Laurie: "Hi, Camden. Um, I can't promise lasting love or anything, but we could sure have one Hell of a night."
Sandra: "(Waiting for her policeman fling's call) Oh, God. Make it ring and I'll never eat another Godiva chocolate as long as I live."
Jennie: "Oh yeah. Whatever happened to your appointment? How'd it go?"
Laurie: "Uh, it went, but Conan turned out to be just another jerk in a leopard bikini."
Laurie: "Flowers? I think that's romantic."
Carole: "Romantic? Since when have you been into romantic? I thought it was strictly Conan."
Sandra: "Fort Lauderdale is a zoo. It's full of millions of guys who are just looking for animal sex and debauchery.."
Laurie: "Exactly, that's *why* we're going."
Laurie: "Sandra, we're going to Fort Lauderdale for ten days. All you need is a bikini and a diaphram."
Sandra: "Hey, let's find a gas station. I have to go pee-pee."
Jennie: "Tinkle."
Carole: "Leak!"
Laurie: "Piss"
Sandra: "Oh, gross!"
Sandra: "(To Laurie) Are you crazy? Driving in reverse on a major highway?"
Sandra: "(As Laurie drives backwards to pick up a hitchhiker) Laurie, no. Not in my car. That guy could be an ax murderer."
Laurie: "With that bod, I'll chance it."
Sandra: "Ew, what's that?"
Laurie: "(Holding a blow-up doll) My buddy Dave. He was a gift and he'll be our bodyguard."
Carole: "Laurie, it is way too crowded in here. He'll have to sleep in the tub."
Laurie: "(After finishing her lengthy list of baggage) I think that ought to get me through the night."
Carole: "That could get me through the rest of my life."
Carole: "(Looking at Laurie unloading her bag) What do you got in there?"
Student: "[To the girls] Hi, ya'll. I'm from Texas A&M!"
Jennie: "[looking at student's skimpy outfit] You look more like Texas S&M!"
Laurie: "Hey, guys. You know what I want to do down here? I want to meet some total bonehead with the most gorgeous bod you've ever seen. His mind has turned to guacamole."
Jennie: "(After hearing Laurie's detailed fantasy) She's great when she holds back like this."
Laurie: "[Describing her dream guy] I'm talking 'Conan the Barbarian'. I'm going to wrap myself around him for 1 night of unbelievable, raw, primal sex."
Jennie: "(Regarding a police officer) He's cute."
Carole: "He's real sexy."
Sandra: "Police officers are not sexy...They are civil servants, and you don't date them."
Tony: "(In reference to a girl in a bikini walking by)"
Laurie: "(Drunkenly speaking to a police officer) Hi. Could I have a cheeseburger, fries and a Cherry Coke, please?"
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