The Running Man
Release: November 13, 1987

In the near future, everything is controlled by the government, including television. The most popular show, The Running Man, is hosted by Killian, a ruthless host. Sentenced to a bogus prison term, Benjamin (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is forced to "run" for his life from the sadistic "heroes" of the show. Unknown to the Network, a group of rebels are persistent in trying to bring down the government control, lies, and "bad editing" that the general public believe to be true.

Mick: "Maybe he's seen too much..."
Ben Richards: "Oh I've seen too much? All I've seen is a bunch of low foreheads who think they can change the world with dreams and talk. Well I'll tell You something, if You're not ready to act, then give Me a break and shut up."
Ben Richards: "Killian, I hope You leave enough room for my fists, because I'm going to ram them into Your stomach, and pull Your f**king spine out!!"
Capt. freedom: "No pain, No gain!"
Ben Richards: "Give you a lift? (Richards than proceeds to throw a prison guard over a railing)"
Ben Richards: "Hey Killian...Here Sub, Plain Zero!! -Ben Richards"
Amber and Ben: "Amber: They think I'm helping you out. They even think I'm your girlfriend. Ben: I could straighten that out. You see that camera up there? I'll strangle you for the whole audience. -Amber and Ben"
Dweezil Zappa: "Don't touch that dial. -Dweezil Zappa"
Killian: "Yeah, pal, only in a re-run. -Killian"
Ben: "I'll Be Back. -Ben"
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