Mickey Mouse Funhouse Intro

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On: August 31, 2021

"Mickey the Brave" (Pilot Special): Theme Song and The Start of It

Mickey: "To the Funhouse!" Hiya, pals! (Friends: Hi, Mickey!) I'm on my way, to see my Funhouse friend. You wanna come? (Oh, yeah!) Then follow me and let the fun begin! Windy, wind up the Floaty Coaster! Here we Go-ooo!! Chorus: Take us to the Funhouse, Mickey Mouse! (Mickey Mouse!) Chorus & Mickey: Funny's waiting for us to play! Mickey: "Next stop, the Funhouse!" Chorus (on-music): Take us the the Funhouse, Mickey Mouse! (Mickey Mouse!) Teddy: [Barking happily] Mickey: "Hiya, Teddy! Hiya, Funny." Funny: "Hi, everyone!" Chorus (on-music): Yeah, we wanna go have some fun today. Mickey: Come over to play! Chorus: Mickey Mouse Funhouse! (Mickey: Yeah!) Chorus: Mickey Mouse Funhouse! (Mickey: Here we go!) Chorus: Mickey Mouse Funhouse! (Mickey: Everybody!) Chorus: Mickey Mouse Funhouse! Mickey: "It's the 'Mickey Mouse Funhouse'!"

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