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Airs on abc tonight.
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    Ahh another year, another special.
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      just like the good old days... I would love to watch the specials that would air.. before vcrs and such...
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        Special are just like a american past time.
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          Ah...I remember those Charlie Brown and Snoopy specials. They were so funny. :) ;)
          Unlike the recent ones - all they do is copy the plots of various themed strips, and it's just terrible. They don't even let us hear Snoopy's thoughts, just have another character speak them out loud, and it's so lame. :(
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            I don't think I've ever seen the Easter one, actually. I'll have to check it out sometime.
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              aw I missed it!


              okay how bout a little more warning next time >:(
              UFC is great
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                It's best to miss it on ABC since I usually don't like the cruddy editing they do on those classics.
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                  LOL Peppermint paddy teaches Marcie about Easter! Its such a cute special
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                    Aww, I missed. I didn't know it was supposed to come on. I always thought it was funny how Marcie didn't know how to color Easter Eggs and how frustrated Peppermint Patty seemed to get while trying to teach her. Aside from Marcie tryin to toast the eggs and making egg soup, as Peppermint Patty described it, I don't remember anything else about the special.

                    Was Linus the one talking about the Easter Beagle?
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