2 Stupid Dogs Quotes
Big Dog:

(cat screams as it faints)
Morocco Mole: The bon-bons are going bye-bye.
little dog: "ONE DOLLAR!!!!!"
"The world is our pancake house, and you're my flapjack stack with a scoop of butter and maple syrup and a side of hash browns and some toast and a large orange juice." - Little Dog
"Tastes like caca!" - Little Dog
"Cubby! Clean-up on aisle five!"
"Sheesh, this is caca! Why do people even come to this place?" - Little Dog
Little Dog: I want the toilet seat!
Big Dog: I want the toilet seat.
Little Dog: Stop arguing with me!
Big Dog: I'm not arguing with you.
Little Dog: We're gonna be here all night!
Big Dog: It's not night, it's day.
Little Dog: It's night!
Big Dog: It's day.
Little Dog: We're never gonna stop!
Big Dog: Yes we are.
Little Dog: No we're not!
Big Dog: Yes we are.
Little Dog: No we're not!
Big Dog: Uh-huh.
Big Dog: Better start talking or I'll....
Little Dog: Hey! It's not my fault you gotta go at 3:00 in the morning! What am I, your mother's keeper?!
(Big Dog grabs a brush)
Little Dog: What are you gonna do with that?
Big Dog: I'm going to groom you.
Little Dog: Who? Me?
Big Dog: No, your mother's keeper. I'm going to groom you until you're smooth and pink.
Little Dog: Put that down or I'll.... grease you down with one of these guys!
(Both prepare for a duel)
Little Dog: Okay! Let's go down town! You and me! (shoots his weapon, blue ink comes out to hit Big Dog's sharp tooth) What have I done?
Big Dog: You got me. (his face falls in the toilet)
Little Dog: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Why did you wake me up?
Big Dog: So we can wake up.
Little Dog: Well, if you didn’t wake me up, I might’ve had a nightmare and it would’ve woke me up. Then, I could’ve woke you up, and we’d both…be…awake. But since you did wake me up, I can’t wake up from this nightmare so I can’t wake you up! So we’re both still asleep.
Big Dog: What?
Hollywood: "Ain't that cute... come on, I'll show you around," (He walks out of frame. A few seconds later he returns.) "HA! Thought I was going to say it was wrong, didn't ya? But I'm not gonna do it."
Hollywood: A, B, C," (gets electrocuted) "Hmmmmm... A, B, C," (gets electrocuted again) "Hmmm." (looks in a dictionary) "A is for apple, B is for bear, C is for.." (gets another electric shock then gets very angry) "A! B!" (gets electrocuted before he can say C)
Big Dog:
-Big Dog
Boy and Little Dog:
Boy: Today i brought my dogs for Show and Tell.They're boy dogs. Wanna know how you can tell they're boy dogs?
(The Boy picks up Little Dog and exposes his underside for all to see)Little Dog(Huddled on the ground):

-Boy and Little Dog
1st show host 2nd small dog:
"You cheated. You get the car" "BUT I WANTED THE DOGGY TREATS!!"
-1st show host 2nd small dog
Little Dog:
There are plenty of hamsters in the sea. I just hope they can swim.

-Little Dog
little dog:
I've been violated!
-little dog
Awwww, isn't that cute. . .BUT IT'S WRONG!!!!
Big Dog:
I’m feeling out of touch with the natural way of doing things
-Big Dog
Little Dog:
-Little Dog