The bear who slept through christmas Quotes
"You'll fly without a hairy care cause Bearair's sure to get you there. So let us make your reservation for a smoothing
hibernation. Get up in the air while Bearair rides to your lair.
Fly Bearair fly without care on Bearair."
Patti bear- "I just can't understand you ted you have a college
degree. You could be a very successful business bear. I think it is dangerous to mess around with philosophiacal concepts."
Johnson:" Look man, this time of the year i am curious about
one thing sleeping. Any greater truth i will gladly leave to you ted."
Prof. von bear- "Well we don't know an awful lot about this chris, chris a, chistmas. It's a shame, we can put a bear on the moon, put toothpaste in a tube, put milk in a cow but we can't find out about christmas"--------------
---- "The whole concept is pretty far fetched maybe with a
goverment grant and four years of research you could find
christmas. But a bear would have to be co-co looking for it all by himself."
Santa?: "Tell you what go down this street about three blocks to 501 go up to the top floor that's where you'll find christmas."
Ted: "I am trying to find christmas."
Toll booth operator: "Well listen mac, why don't you try 33rd street."