My Life as a Teenage Robot (MLAATR as abbreviated) stars a 16-year-old 6-foot-6-inch (2.0 m) -tall robot girl named XJ-9 (who prefers to be known simply as Jenny). Jenny lives in the town of Tremorton, Ohio in the (presumed) year of 2072. Jenny likes to go to the mall, fit in at high school, and hang out with her friends Brad Carbunkle and Tuck Carbunkle . Her creator (a.k.a. "Mom"), Dr. Wakeman, designed her as a highly sophisticated battle robot. Brad likes what Jenny does and often helps her out, but his brother, Tuck, doesn't care for action and only gets involved reluctantly. She has an ongoing rivalry with the Krust Cousins, Brit and Tiff, the popular girls in school, and even has a human suitor, a somewhat stereotypical geek named Sheldon, but Jenny loves a robot named the Silver Shell (he was created by Sheldon, who "wears" him like Iron Man wears his suit), but then later disliked him for being a spy. Jenny is also being pursued by Queen Vexus, leader of a robot clan called the Cluster, to join the Cluster. So Jenny can't get her life evened out, but she does what she can.