Roy Knable (John Ritter) is a suburbanite who lives, breathes, and sleeps television. His wife Helen (Pam Dawber) wants none of it and threatens to leave him if he doesn't change his ways. So when the shady Mr. Spike (Jeffrey Jones) shows up at Roy's door and talks him into subscribing to the otherworldly cable serviice HVTV aka HellVision, it's the last straw. That is, until the satellite dish installed in the Knables' backyard zaps them into the deadly world within HVTV's programming. They'll win big or lose their lives on "You Can't Win", keep from getting a "Northern Overexposure", and even survive the French Revolution in "Off With His Head". Can they endure the 24 hours they must spend in this marathon of treachery, or will they suffer a fate worse than cancellation?