Monster Rancher is based off the video game of the same name. It follows the story of a ten year old boy named Genki, who gets sucked into the world of monsters. There he befriends a girl named Holly, who is looking for her father, and her monster Suezo, an eyeball monster. Holly has a pendent that allows her to locate mystery dics, and that's how Genki gets his first monster Moochi. Along the way they find more monsters that join them on their adventure. Golem, a giant monster made of stone but has a gentle and kind heart, Tiger, a wolf-like monster with horns who is out to find his brother and avenge his fallen gang, and Hare, a rabbit-like monster who was a con-artist and try to steal the gangs valuables until he was caught. They are in constant battle with Master Moo, his Big Bad Four, a group of Monsters he selected to be his Generals, and his army of bad monsters. Genki and his friends are on a quest to find the mystery disc that contains the legendary Phoenix, The only monster that is the key to bringing down Moo's tyranny.