This show was abouta bunch of twenty something musicians and their lives. There was Johnny, Daisy (played by Neve Campbell), Jesse (played by Paul Popowich), Mary,Atlas, Sierra and Billy. Billy wasn't actually a member of the band but he was a night club owber who later became their manager and started a relationship with Daisy. Jesse and Mary also had a relationship for awhile but that ended and I can't remember exactly why. Johnny and Jesse were roomates; Johnnys dad worked as I think a fisherman (he did something with fish and boats) and his mother had left one day when he was little to go get milk and never came back. Jesse's parents were rich but he didn't get along with them. Daisy was an orphan who lived on her own and taught dance to kids. Sierra had moved away from her family but I can't remember if it was to get into music or not, she worked at a music studio. Atlas lived with his auntie and at one point was a bouncer/inforcer for Billy. Mary was the youngest at 18, all the others were 21-25, and lived with her parents and Billy lived by himself but not much was shown about his life outside his club, except for the fact that he was illiterate and Daisy taught him to read. This show aired late at night on YTV, at least it was late when I was 8 years old.

Sorry for the somewhat bad picture quality-picture of Sierra and Daisy.