When divorced mother of two Jillian Apple (Harley Jane Kozak) goes into Mustapha's (John Rhys-Davies) rug shop in search of a purple rug, she gets more than she bargained for... with the rug comes an imprisoned Genie (John Ales)! Although goofy Genie's eager to use his magical powers to serve his new master and her children, Mickey (Alex McKenna) and Travis (Nathan Lawrence), Jillian's content with living the simple life, sans magic. When it's later revealed that Genie's grandfather, Grampa Max (Jerry Van Dyke), is so old that he's no longer useful and is going to be sent off to his death, Jillian intervenes and invites Grampa to come live with the family.

After a brief run on ABC's TGIF in 1997, the plug was quickly pulled on this series, so Jerry Van Dyke moved on to the companion series "Teen Angel." The show returned later that season for another brief outing before both "Teen Angel" and "You Wish" were canceled for good.