Kids these days: Halloween

I`m a kid of the new age,and wish i could be of your time.
October 13, 2010
Hi, I have been a member on retro junk for only about a year and a half but have gone on it for about 4 or 5 years researching and looking at cool and interesting things of the past.even though i am a teenager many of you will feel i am to young to share my experiences, seeing i really didn't experience many of the 90s, and yes you are right but i would like to share my expierances of the 2000`s and compare it too the 70s-90s.over the years i have enjoyed reading personal articles about what people did as a kid on Halloween.

Halloween kinda sucks as you get older anyway but it seems to get worse every year.Many of my friends an i still dress up like usual but most of them are all going trick or treating(which i feel too old for) or doing nothing because we feel theres nothing fun to do. no one we know throws parties on Halloween night an thier arent any public ones for our age, there all for adults and this year its on a Sunday which is probably the worst day ever.I know teens used to be notorious for getting in trouble on hallloween but that doesnt happen where i am, sure theirs teenage drinking and firecrackers but no pranks(tricks). The school also doesn't have any dances or events planned just a costume fashion show at lunch and then various teachers do thier own thing.However thier is an out of school project called the haunted barn which is a haunted house made up in the yard of a achredge wher students can sign up to play characters and scare guests, which i am part of for the first time.

Now i will move on to costumes. most kids at school buy costumes, gone are the days of homemade or put-together costumes, which takes away the original part of it and creativity, it means odds are somebody else could have the same costume or be the same thing you are.

Candy: there really isnt that much variety for ''halloween'' candy most families just buy the same packs of either cadbury and hershey chocolate and maynyards gummies, so its all the same candy you eat all year round just in a smaller version,thiers not really and candy thats exclusive to the seoson.

but on the plus side i feel lke the decorations probally are better then they used too with more choice and cooler things such as inflateables and lights.Anyway thank u for reading kids these days:halloween edition. plese rate and comment and hope u have a spooktabulas HALLOWEEN.

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