Sci-fi series about the crew of Moonbase Alpha. Our Moon was being used as a nuclear waste disposal site. Somehow a chain reaction caused an explosion large enough to knock the Moon out of Earth's orbit and into deep space! Unable to return to Earth, the crew experiences one disaster after another in their quest to survive their journey through the galaxy!

Commander John Koenig: Martin Landau
Dr. Helena Russell: Barbara Bain
Capt. Alan Carter: Nick Tate
Sandra Benes: Zienia Merton
Tony Verdeschi: Tony Anholt
Operative Kate: Sarah Bullen
Controller Paul Morrow: Prentis Hancock
Bill Fraser: John Hug
David Kano: Clifton Jones
Moonbase Alpha Computer: Barbara Kelly
Dr. Ben Vincent: Jeffery Kissoon
Prof. Victor Bergman: Barry Morse
Yasko: Yasuko Nagazumi
Dr. Bob Mathias: Anton Phillips
Tanya Alexandria: Suzanne Roquette
Maya: Catherine Schell
Dr. Ed Spencer: Sam Dastor
Alibe: Alibe