Force Five was a syndicated anime block during the early 1980s.

It was produced by Jim Terry and his company Jim Terry Productions, and consisted of four imported Japanese giant robot heroes and 1 group of intergalactic space knights (originally produced in the mid-1970s by Toei Animation) in response to the popularity of the Shogun Warriors toy collection (in fact, Mattel was one of the sponsors).

It consisted of the following series:

Gaiking (Dino Mech Gaiking)

Danguard Ace (Planet Robot Danguard Ace)

Starvengers (Getter Robo G)

Grandizer (UFO Robot Grendizer)

Spaceketeers (Sci Fi West Saga Starzinger)

In true anthology style, the five shows were broadcast simultanesously with one episode of each serial assigned a specific weekday. Additionally, all of the shows were edited into two hour movies and marketed on video tape by Family Home Entertainment.

Great Mazinger A.K.A. the sequel to Tranzor Z was supposed to be among the five shows, but the deal to pick up the series fell through, so Starzinger (Spaceketeers) was picked up instead.

A Latin American version of Force Five was called The Festival Of The Robots, had Magnet Robo Ga-Keen and Jeeg, Steel Robot instead of Danguard Ace and Grendizer.

The lineup to Force Five was:

Danguard Ace aired on Mondays.

Starvengers aired on Tuesdays.

Spacekeeters aired on Wednesdays.

With Grandizer aired on Thursdays.

And Gaiking aired on Fridays.