One of the longest running shows on television, "The Price Is Right", termed then as the "New" Price Is Right to differentiate itself with a previous version hosted by Bill Cullen, debuted in 1972 and has stood the test of time, lasting over 45 years. First hosted by Bob Barker and gaining legendary status from being on the show, and then by comedian Drew Carey who has made it into his own status, the show has been famous for how unique it is in audience participation (they are allowed to assist players in most cases to win their games), the models for the prizes, and in fanbase, where it has gained a younger audience than most games shows do. It's also made phrases like "Come On Down" a mainstay in pop culture. It's simple format of bidding and guessing prices of prizes or products, have made its simple to understand format another reason for its longevity.

The pricing games (games that those that come out of "Contestants Row" are able to play for a much bigger prize) are a big part of what has kept the show fresh for so long. There are too many that have come, gone, or are still being played to be listed here, but all of them (especially fan favorite "Plinko") give contestants the ability to win cash prizes, cars, TVs, etc. The famous "Showcase Showdown" and its big wheel is also a huge staple of the show. Also well known are the announcers, who, unlike other game shows, get amble camera time (RIP Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy), with the current announcer, George Gray, even being introduced and shown at a comfy position at the start of the show.

Not to mention the many specials the show has done, with the most well known being their Million Dollar Spectaculars, which there have been a few who have won a million dollars during its time. Who knows how much more money or how many more cars they can still give away with the many years this show obviously still has?