Luke is the world's greatest cowboy. He can outshoot his own shadow (see picture on right), he can lasso a whirlwind, he can outride (he once raced the Mississippi and won), outdraw and outshoot anyone. Jolly Jumper is also pretty unique, being able to play Luke at chess, arm-wrestle him and run while asleep.

History: Lucky Luke is a cowboy in the Wild West who travels around delivering justice wherever he goes, accompanied by his faithful companion, Jolly Jumper, the smartest horse in the world. His main recurring foes are the dense but persistant Dalton cousins.

Comments: Created by Morris (a.k.a. Maurice De Bevere), who wrote the very first story - after that many of the early stories being written by the French co-creator of Asterix, Goscinny. Luke is still starring in new adventures to this day.

Affiliations: Jolly Jumper (his horse); Ra_n_tanplan (the dumbest dog in the world, a spoof of Rin-Tin-Tin)

Enemies: The Daltons (Joe, Jack, William and Averell), Ma Dalton, Billy the Kid, Jesse James