Ichiro, a young boy, is sick and tired of the horrors and stresses of everyday life so he dreams he goes to Monster Island and meets Minya, the son of Godzilla, to help him give courage and be strong to take on unwanted obstacles ranging from a pair of Abbot and Costello-like robbers to bullies. Worst in the franchise because this kiddie picture is nothing but a clip show of scenes from such films as GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER, SON OF GODZILLA, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS and KING KONG ESCAPES (for one brief scene that involves a dinosaur-like monster).
Originally released in Japan in 1969 as ALL MONSTERS ATTACK, it didn't come to America until two years later under the title GODZILLA'S REVENGE to be co-billed with the British horror film, ISLAND OF THE BURNING DAMNED (1967). Both were released in the U.S. by U.P.A. in 1971.