Little Jimmy and Janie, playing outside on a swing, are called for Thanksgiving dinner. Ready to dig in, their father asks them if they forgot something, and the family bows their head to pray. Outside the comfortable home, up a tree, Father Squirrel (voice talent of Vic Perrin) watches the family pray as his son (voice talent of June Foray) asks about how Thanksgiving came about--to which Father Squirrel states that if it wasn't for his Great Great Great Grandfather Jeremy Squirrel (voice talent of Hal Smith), there wouldn't be a human Thanksgiving. Flashback: America, Fall, 1620. The Pilgrims, showing "hard work, perseverance, and courage," fight back from lack of food and disease, to survive their first hard winter. In the spring, help from the local Indians leads to a bountiful harvest, which the Pilgrims plan on celebrating with their Indian brothers. Mirroring this development, Johnny Cook, a young Pilgrim boy, befriends a young Indian brave, Little Bear, son of Chief Massasoit. When their adventures that first Thanksgiving day take them away from the settlement, it's up to Jeremy Squirrel, who got the two boys to stop fighting and be friends in the first place, to find them before vicious wolves rip them apart.