The Luck of the Irish is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie. Kyle Johnson is a popular basketball player in junior high school who is known for being lucky. He is always finding money on the street, so he doesn't have to bring lunch money; he never misses a shot when playing basketball; and when he hasn't finished his social studies test, he guesses on all the answers, only to have them be all correct.

As Heritage Day approaches, where each of the students talks about their heritage,Kyle questions his family about their heritage but his questions are rebuffed with his parents citing themselves as Americans. One day he visits an Irish carnival where he finds that he can't stop step dancing along with the Irish folk music. He is knocked down by one of the carnys, who secretly swaps the gold coin Kyle wears around his neck for a fake one. The next day, he has the unluckiest day of his life. He loses his lunch money, his home brought lunch spills all over him, he can't find his homework, and he misses every shot at the basketball game. The anger of the school towards Kyle's missed shots is evident as a student walks by Kyle the next day and scowls at him. Over the next few days, Kyle's mother begins cooking breakfast in the fireplace and speaking with a heavy Irish accent. Strange things also start to happen to Kyle: his ears become pointed, his hair starts turning red, and he starts to become shorter. His mother soon breaks him the news he is half-descendent of a Leprechaun.