An abused beagle runs away from his cruel owner (Judd Travers) and meets Marty Preston. The dog follows the boy home but is not allowed to stay. So Marty makes shelter from an abandoned shack at the top of a hidden hill for the dog to stay in for the next few weeks. Marty bonds with the dog and names him Shiloh. His stern father, Ray, won't let the boy keep the dog because it belongs to Judd Travers, a local hunter. Judd is a mean old man that hunts with his dogs. Shiloh was the most mistreated puppy out of the pack. They return Shiloh to the owner but after Shiloh is mistreated again, he runs away and returns to Marty. Knowing his father will again make him take Shiloh back to Judd, Marty hides Shiloh in a shed behind his house. His secret is soon revealed when his mother, Louise, comes up the hill and sees Marty and Shiloh bonding by the hut.