In the seaside town of Altomare there lives a legend about how two legendary Pokemon named Latias and Latios protected the town from a trainer who was terrorizing after which Latios sacrificed itself. Latios had its soul kept in a mystical item called the Soul Dew, which is being sought by Annie & Oakley, two members of Team Rocket. Ash and his friends arrive in the town and meet up with a girl named Bianca and her dad, a researcher, who shows them the Soul Dew. Annie & Oakley steal the Soul Dew and plan to use it to capture Latias and Latios but are unaware that the power in the Soul Dew is to be used only to summon Latios in case of emergency. Ash and his friends along with Bianca must now work together to stop the cataclysm in the same way as the legend tells. The movie was released to theaters in Japan in 2002 then in the U.S. in 2003 as the last theatrical Pokemon film in the U.S. The film was preceded by the short "Camp Pikachu".