Donkey Kong Country Legend of the crystal coconut (1999)

In this film many adventers hapen Since DK was chosen to be ruler of Congo Bongo, he wanted to know EVERYTHING about the Crystal Coconut. When he asked Inka Dinka Doo the secrets of the Coconut, Inka Dinka Doo said "You must give up everything!". DK thought that he had to give up the Coconut to K.Rool. So he gave it to K.Rool. When K.Rool heard that DK just gave the Coconut to him, he thought it was a trick. So he sent the Coconut back to DK. Scurvy and his pirates went to steal the Coconut. Then K.Rool realized that DK just giving the Coconut to him was not a trick, he sent Krusha and Klump to get the Coconut back. Now everyone, Scurvy and K.Rool, were after the Coconut. Diddy was guarding the Coconut by himself when he thought that going to Inka Doo's temple was a good place where the pirates wouldn't find the Coconut. The pirates knew where it was anyway, so they went to the temple. They found Diddy and the Coconut, and they stole it, but DK got it back. Then space and they saw the lizards running away. Klump returned to the base and tells Krool he has an eavesdropping device. Diddy wants revenge and then he says a practical joke on Donkey's phone. Diidy says that there is an amulet (which is the object they saw) that was more powerful than the crystal coconut. Krool hears it and wants the amulet. Diddy says that they must bury it in the forbidden forest. Krool sends his men to the spot to find it while the two jokers were laughing hard. The two tells Cranky and Cranky explains them that the amulet is evil and must be taken away. But when the two were gone, Cranky was laughing and the stuff he said was not true but a joke so they will learn their lesson. The two monkeys are in the forest, Donkey is scared of the monsters and Krool's men were there too searching for the amulet. Meanwhile, Captain Scurvy and his thugs are back to steal the crystal coconut. Cranky must bring the two back before the pirates takes it away. It's the day of the practical jokes! After that something bad hapens Donkey Kong slips on a banana peel and falls down on his treehouse. Diddy was rushing down and wondering if his buddy was okay. Donkey Kong soon recovers from the awful fall. He asks Diddy who he was. Diddy told Donkey to stop joking around. The truth is that he was not joking! Donkey Kong has amnesia! He forgets everything. He also forget his name too and he doesn't know that he was going to be the future ruler of Kongo Bongo! Diddy was shocked and tells Donkey to stay while Diddy rushes to Cranky Kong. Confused, Donkey Kong started to stroll the beach and bumps into Captain Scurvy and his pirate gang and they were burying treasures. Donkey Kong asks them who he was. Scurvy was puzzled and doesn't know what he was talking about. Donkey Kong explains him that he had a bump and suddenly forgets everything. Scurvy had an evil scheme. Scurvy told him that his name was Donkey Krock, a famous pirate who travelled the seven seas. Donkey Kong, er... I mean Donkey Krock joined Scurvy's crew. His first job is to steal the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Krock doesn't know what a crystal coconut looks like so he began stealing things like Candy's banana bracelet, Eddie, the Mean, Old, Yeti's club, and Krool's throne. Cranky finds out that Donkey was a pirate. He asks Candy for help and it's not going to be easy. Will Donkey Krock get his memory back? Then the pirates come back! Captain Scurvy and some pirates barged into Cranky's house and will get what rightfully theirs. It's the crystal coconut. Donkey and Diddy bashed the pirates and they ran away. Later Donkey got the crystal coconut again from Krool and went to Cranky but in his house were the pirates! They must get it back! They headed towards their Galleon but ended up being fish food for the sharks! Shiver Me Timbers! ! Who will save them? Would you belive a Klaptrap?